Salvaged Bowls

Salvaged Bowls are made from wood from fallen tress generally left at curb sides and wood lots, destined as wood chips or firewood.

Fresh cut wood (60% to 70% moisture) is sawed, turned into a rough shape and left to dry for about a year. A ‘roughed out’ bowl is about a tenth of the diameter of the bowl in thickness and wood takes about a year for every inch to dry.

When the wood reaches a 10% moisture content it is ready to be turned. During the drying process it may develop cracks, split, spalt or depending on the species, location and season take on various hues and colours.

Cracks are sealed with epoxy resin-coloured if necessary to match the wood. In the turning process further grain and knots are revealed most of which are incorporated into the design and add character to the final product.

Bowls are finished with food safe treatments and are easy to maintain.

If you have a suitable piece of wood or a portion of a fallen tree, that you would like made into a bowl, please use the Contact Form. If the tree has yet to be cut instruct your arborist to ensure that the cut trunk portion section to made into a bowl is approximately 20% greater in length than its diameter. For example a trunk that is 12 inches in diameter would require a 14½ inch length. Fresh cut wood should be either sealed or processed immediately to prevent excessive splitting.

Here are a few photographs showing the evolution of a bowl from street to table.