Knife Stand

This knife stand has some unique advantages. It is space saving and the blades are partially visible, allowing you to easily choose the knife you want. A damp knife inserted into a traditional ‘knife block’ could cause mold that will not be visible. Upon insertion and removal the knife edge does not rub against wood but leans lightly into a groove, causing minimal damage to the edge. You don’t have to keep pulling your knives until you have the one you are looking for!

The photograph shows a knife stand made from sugar maple that was tapped for syrup-hence the spigot holes and caramelized sugar caused by kiln drying the wood. Quite rare and difficult to obtain.

Will hold 6 knives up to 10 inches long. Available at less than half the price you would pay for a ‘brand name’ stand.

 Walnut & Maple $70.00 each

 Spigot Maple      $95.00 each