About Boards

Wooden Boards come in various varieties and combinations of wood. Although generally classified as boards for chopping, cutting, serving, cheese, charcuterie a single boad can be used for multiple purposes. The plainer boards are commonly used for general household use such as chopping or cutting and the more decorative and figured woods for charcuterie, cheese or serving.

Your choices are:

  • Wood: Choose from Canadian Domestic hardwoods such as Maple, Walnut or Cherry
  • Edge: Live edge with or without bark, or finished rounded edge. Live edge boards will have finger easements at each end to aid lifting. Finished boards will have grooves.
  • Size: Length, Width, Thickness.
  • Primary use: General household use, Cheese, Charcuterie

Please use the Contact Page to let me know what you have in mind as a choice, or check the ‘Now Available’ page. While this page is being updated please check¬†

Here are a few examples

Walnut Live Edge with bark 16in x 7in