I have been working with wood since high school starting with craft projects and then progressing to simple household items such as cabinets and showcases.Space constraints limited the ability to expand into cabinetry, so I started making Boards – Cheese, Serving, Charcuterie, Bread, Chopping. More recently I ventured into Woodturning; and while the focus is still on utility items I do occasionally try to be ‘artistic’!

On occasion (generally for diversion) I do venture into items such as mirror and picture frames, coffee tables and benches-especially when I see a nice piece of wood and can’t resist the temptation to acquire it!

All the wood I use, with the exception of accent pieces and the very rare exotic finds are sustainably sourced and locally found such as my Salvaged Bowls

I am based in Highland Creek, Ontario; a suburb of Toronto, Canada in East Scarborough.

I do not carry a large stock as most items are to order. A small list of items currently available can be found on the ‘Now Available’ page.

Please use the ‘Contact’ page for any further information you may require as well as for suggestions.